About the Oncorun

Oncorun is coming back to Warsaw!


Sign up to run near the Maria SkÅ‚odowska-Curie National Research Institute of Oncology and support people affected by cancer.

Please remember – you’re doing this not only for your own health but also for the health of cancer patients. We convert each lap covered into cash in order to fund, among other things, artificial limbs to replace those lost as a result of cancer, the care of psycho-oncologists, and the cost of medicines and treatments not normally provided free of charge.


Date: Sunday 10 September 2023, at 11.00 AM.
At 10:45 AM get ready at the start line and join the warm-up.

Place: National Research Institute of Oncology, Warsaw, Roentgena 5
Are you a fast runner? Keep to the left while running. Are you walking? Keep to the right while walking.


Entry fee: 60.00 PLN
Your donation helps to save the lives of cancer patients and to organize further Oncorun events.
You’d like to help, right? When signing up for the Oncorun you can also make an additional donation of any amount.


Delivery of start pack: the 2nd half of August 2023
If you live in Poland before the event begins you will receive by courier a package containing a T-shirt and a start number.

Please select the appropriate T-shirt size:


Hashtag: #Oncorun
Are you planning to upload a photo from Oncorun? Please use the hashtag #Oncorun


Registration time: 23 May–15 August 2023 (or earlier if places sell out)


Sign up for the Warsaw Oncorun today


Don’t have the possibility to run with us in Warsaw? Discover the virtual run

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