The Virtual Run


Where will the virtual run be taking place?

Anywhere you like! In the virtual run, you choose the starting point and the route.


What is the date of the virtual run?

The virtual run takes place on the same day as the 16th Warsaw Oncorun, on Sunday, September 10, 2023. On this day, commence 60 minutes of activity, anytime between the hours of 7:00 AM and 12:00 noon.


How do I take part in the virtual run?

Start from any place you like on the day of the Oncorun and, during 60 minutes of activity, cover the distance you selected when you signed up.


How do I sign up for the virtual run?

Via the website Onkobieg.pl/en


Until which date can I sign up for the virtual run?

Registration is open until 15 August 2023 at the latest, or earlier if places sell out.


How best to cover my distance?

If you don’t want to run, or if you’re unable to run, just keep walking. You can cover your distance together with a guide, a dog, or by using a wheelchair. You can use Nordic walking poles or a stationary treadmill.


How do I decide the distance?

When registering online, select the number of kilometers you think you can complete within 60 minutes. Choose the distance based on your physical capability.


Does it really matter how far I run?

Indeed it does! Remember that each kilometer you complete is converted into cash. We then use the total amount collected to fund, among other things, the procurement of prosthetic limbs lost as a result of cancer, the care of psycho-oncologists, and the purchase of medicines that are not usually provided free of charge.


How do I choose the size of my running shirt?

Select the appropriate T-shirt according to your size:


How do I pick up my start pack with a T-shirt and a medal?

If you reside in Poland, we will send it, by courier in the second half of August 2023, to the address that you gave during registration.

Do you reside outside of Poland and want to cover the shipping costs to receive a starter pack? Please contact us at: kontakt@onkobieg.pl


What is the cost of participation and what does it cover?

Participation in the virtual run costs PLN 60.00. Your donation helps us save the lives of cancer patients and to organize further Oncorun events. If you live in Poland, you will also receive a package with a T-shirt and a bib number.

You’d like to help, right? When signing up for the run, you’re welcome to make an additional donation of any value.


I have a discount code. How to activate it?

Enter the code when registering online. The cost of participation in the run will be automatically reduced.


Can I get a VAT invoice for participating in the run?

Yes. All you need to do is to indicate during registration that you want to receive a VAT invoice and provide the data necessary to issue it.


Do I really have to give out my personal data?

Yes. We need your data to confirm your participation in the event so that we can send you a parcel with a starter pack. We will not pass your personal data on to anyone else without your express consent. Read the Privacy Policy and find out how we protect your data.


Why do you need my date of birth?

So that we can verify the age of the participants in the run.


Can a minor take part in the virtual run?

Of course. Responsibility for the participation of minors (those under the age of 18) lies with their parents or legal guardians.


I entered incorrect data. Can I correct this?

You can edit some of the data yourself after logging in to your account on the Oncorun website. If you need assistance, please contact us at: kontakt@onkobieg.pl


I want to upload photos from the virtual run onto the Internet. How do I label them?

Please mark them with the hashtag #Oncorun

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