Become a Partner

Oncorun: Together for health! is the first and oldest cancer charity run in Poland.

As organizers of the event our priority is to respond to the growing needs of the recipients and the growing public interest in this extraordinary undertaking. You can decide at any time you wish how best to support Onkobieg.

Working in partnership with Oncorun is a great opportunity for:

  • - Supporting those most in need, together with their families
  • - Building social maturity among the youngest participants of Onkobieg
  • - Promoting the enterprise as socially responsible and open to the problems and the needs of those battling cancer
  • - Presenting a positive image of the enterprise to public institutions from the world of business, culture and non-governmental organizations
  • - Sharing ideas and formulating solutions

Enterprises interested in working with us to create this unique event are encouraged to contact Szymon BubiƂek, board member of the Polish Sarcoma and Melanoma Patients Association.

Please forward any questions to the following email address:

We look forward to working with you.

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