Oncorun – Together for Health!

Since 2008, the first charity running event in Poland for cancer patients and preventative healthcare. More of a family picnic than a marathon, with live music, free medical examinations, and a unique atmosphere.


When? Every year, on a specific Sunday in September

Where? Near the National Research Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, or, alternatively, online


Who can take part?
Everyone! Professional runners, those looking to get back into shape after chemotherapy, those with artificial limbs or wheelchair users, the old, the young, and our four-legged friends. There is a medal waiting for everyone who crosses the finishing line. Sign up online, pay the entry fee and prepare to start.

What exactly is Oncorun and how does it work?
The overall distance covered
during each lap of the run (and each kilometer during the virtual run) is converted into cash. We then use the total amount collected to fund, among other things, the purchase of artificial limbs to replace those lost by cancer, the care of psycho-oncologists, and the cost of medicines and treatments not normally provided free of charge.


Our goals

1. The raising of funds in order to help those under the care of Oncorun as well as preventive measures.

2. Emotional support for cancer patients and their families.

3. Promoting the role of exercising as a preventative measure against cancer.


Oncorun by numbers

15 editions of Oncorun 

2000+ participants every year

200,000+ kilometers covered

PLN 1,150,000 collected in order to save lives


Find out more about the 16th Oncorun in Warsaw


Don’t have the possibility to run with us in Warsaw? Discover the virtual run

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